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Extra Grip Brush Holder

Q What is the Extra Grip Brush Holder?

A The Extra Grip Brush Holder is for use with all TePe toothbrushes.

Q Why would I need it?

A The handle is for patients who have difficulty in holding a normal toothbrush handle. This includes arthritic and other conditions, which may produce a claw-like hand. It is also useful for children who find the fatter handle easier to use.

Q Does the toothbrush lock into the handle?

A The toothbrush once put into the handle is very secure and will not come out during use.

Q How do I get the brush out of the handle?

A If the handle does not come out with finger pressure a sharp tap on the end of the handle on the table will release it.

Q How do I clean the Easy Grip Handle?

A The handle is dishwasher-proof. Toothpaste can be removed using a small brush and hot water.


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